Oceanus Beach House Notes
Tips to make your visit easier


Beach House Notes

Welcome to the beach!

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

-  There are 2 assigned parking spaces.  One is located outdoors facing the  Coral Street Motel.  The other is under the South side of Building 1.  Both are marked 2A.

- If the WiFi won't connect unplug the modem, wait a minute and plug it back in.

  The Wifi password is:   9PearlSt

-  The dumpster is at the end of Building 1 along the street in a fenced in area.  Recycling bins for glass and aluminum are located in the parking bay closest to the dumpster.

-  Do not put paper, plastic or cardboard in the recycling cans or the city won’t pick it up.

- There is a key to the outdoor showers on the key ring with the unit key.  They are located on the north side of Buildings 3.

- There are small soaps, shampoos, etc. in the box in the linen closet. Please feel free to use them and anything else that is here.

- The kitchen trash can slides out from the kitchen sink.

- There are three Air Conditioning units.  They cool things down quickly so please try to remember to turn them off or down when you go out.  The west bedroom AC is controlled by the wall thermostat near the bedroom door.    The others have control panels on the unit.  Please turn off the A/C when keeping the doors and/or windows open.  The ocean front bedroom A/C turns off and on with the entry wall switch.

- There is NO Smoking allowed in the unit.  Please use the balcony.

- There is an iron and ironing board in the west bedroom closet.


To use the washing machine:

-       To load – The washer can be fully loaded but not tightly packed.        

                 Overloading results in poor cleaning.

-       Close the washer door by pushing it firmly until the lock clicks.  The washer will remain locked during the wash cycle.

-       Open the dispenser drawer and add detergent  (middle compartment) and fabric softener (right compartment) if                                                       desired.    Close slowly to avoid spills.

-       Use only about 1/3 the amount of detergent that you would normally use.  More will stay on the clothes and possible        damage the machine.

-       Turn the washer on by pressing Start

-       Select the desired Cycle and Options

-       To begin the washing cycle push Start

-       When the cycle is complete the Done status light glows, the door unlocks, and the load can be removed from the washer.

-       Note: Do not use liquid bleach or color safe bleach in the washer as it will damage clothes.

-   The EMERGENCY shut off for the water to the washer is located in the back of the tray cabinet to the right of the sink.


To use the dryer:

-       Load clothes loosely in the dryer and close the door

-       Press Power

-       Press Temperature

-       Turn the knob cycle to the recommended setting for the type of load being dried.

-       After a short beep sounds, press the start button.

-       To stop the dryer turn the knob to Stop or open the door. (if it won't start check to make sure the filter basket is in correctly.)


Here are a few of our favorite things to do and places to go:

Pearl Street Market – Gourmet market at Pearl Street and  Bay Blvd.  Coffee, bakery, fresh fish, take out and cheeses.  The best breakfast To Go around.  They also deliver to the beach. Worth a visit.

Hand’s – As close to a general store as it can be.  Perfect for anything you might have forgotten.  Open most nights till 10.

The Gables on Center Street -  For a special night or a great, relaxing, grown up breakfast our first choice is The Gables.  Sondra & Steve (the owners) will do whatever they can to make sure you have a great time.  Dinner is an event – it can take up to 3 hours but it’s a lovely evening.  Breakfast has live, easy music with no one rushing you along.  It’s BYOB and not as expensive (or formal) as it looks. 

Bistro 14 – At Bay Village above the fudge shop.  Great for lunch or dinner. Wonderful raw bar and a view of the Bay.  BYOB.

The Chicken or the Egg – Open 24 hours during the summer.  Good breakfast – great wings.

The Boat House – The lobster bake in a can to bring home and cook is really good.  Great for dinner but also the best fresh seafood market nearby. Located across from The Ketch on Centre Street. BYOB

Harvey Cedar’s Seafood Co.  Center St. Bayside.  Good steamed or broiled fish, excellent for raw clams and oysters.  Bring beer and put it on ice while you eat at the counter.  Not glamorous but good food and sort of retro.

Holiday Snack Bar – Popular with the locals and a tradition for many families.  Stop in for a burger or a piece of their famous cake.

The Engleside Inn – For Sushi (try the Creamy Crab Roll!), Dinner- prime rib.  The Sandbar- out back for drinks or lunch.  Live music.

Pinky Shrimps – The best take out seafood at a decent price.

Italian Food – Stefano’s and Le Dolce Vita (the best).

Best Dinner with Kids – The Marlin (Check out the "Kids Eat Free" deal)

Ice Cream – Barry’s Do Me a Flavor, Centre Street

Best Cake – Holiday Snack Shop, Centre Street

Best Grown Up Bar – The Black Whale

Best Not-So-Grown-Up Bars – The Sea Shell and The Ketch

Best Elephant Ears (a tradition) – The bakery at Bay Village on the Blvd..

Best Pizza – California Grill or Bay Village (huge single slices).

Best Italian Food – Stefano’s and Le Dolce Vita (the best).


If you need to contact us please call 267-246-2714 or 267-275-3933. 

If you leave a message we will call you back as quickly as possible.



Check Out

-       Check out time is 11 AM.

-       If there are dishes in the dishwasher please turn it on.

-       If you moved furniture around, please put it back in its' original spot.

-       Please empty wastebaskets and take the recyclables out.

-       Check the drawers and closets for your personal items.

-       Don’t forget your cell phone charger!

-       If the sheets from the linen closet were used please put them in the washer and start it.

-       If there is anything that needs to be fixed or corrected, please leave us a note.

-       If you have any suggestions for making the condo a better vacation spot, let us know that, too.

-       Leave a note in our Guest Book. It’s our favorite part of your vacation.

-       Start planning your next week at the beach.

-       Have a safe trip home!


                              Have a great vacation!