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Summer of 2020 Notes
Staying safe

Summer 2020


The check in time for this summer is 4pm. This allows us additional time for cleaning.  If you have food that has to be refrigerated, you can stop by and put it in the fridge in the garage.  We’ll make sure that is cleaned first.  If you have bikes and so on, you can drop those off, too.


Roger and I will be there to help with the extra cleaning/sanitizing of all high touch surfaces during change over.  This includes all of the kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures/floor.


We have stripped the beds and are leaving only a mattress cover with a protector that can be easily sanitized.  Usually, the beds are as you see them in the online photos – comforters, quilts, pillows, and throw pillows. In other years, you would bring just sheets and towels. This summer, you would also bring pillows and blankets.  We will leave a couple of blankets in the linen closet just-in-case.  If you use them, please put them in the washer before you leave.


We will leave sanitize dinner plates, soup bowls, mugs and flatware.  I'll mark those cabinets with a sticky note or something.  You don't have to run them through the washer - I'll do it before you arrive.  If you have dishes in the dishwasher when yo leave, please do not turn it on.


We probably won't have time to run the pots & pans or serving pieces through the dishwasher, but you can wash as needed.


I'll leave a new, unused dishtowel, sponge and potholders in a drawer in the kitchen.


We have put away all knick knacks and throw pillows.  Our thought is that the less we have to clean, the better the cleaning will be.
- When possible we will have the carpets cleaned and all soft surfaces sanitized every Saturday.  When it is not practical to clean the carpets, everything will still be sanitized.

As you know, the CDC has announced that the virus is not easily transmitted from surfaces as they had initially thought.  We are trying to make sure everyone is comfortable with our process.


Please let us know if you have any questions.





For additional information or with any questions, please give us a call.  Liz  267.275.3933